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Object preference (mean percent exploration time) evaluation on DPI 9 and 16.

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posted on 2017-02-14, 19:03 authored by Wei Ouyang, Qichao Yan, Yu Zhang, Zhiheng Fan

The sham group performs significantly better than TBI group on the novel object (object-C) testing on both DPI 9 (A) and 16 (B), indicating TBI consistently deteriorated cognitive memory after injury. Object-A, B, identical objects; Separate ANOVAs were used to compare the preference for all the familiar and novel objects during the acquisition phase (object-A, B test) and following novel object test phase (object-A/B and object-C test). Data are expressed as mean±SEM (n = 7–8). * p<0.05, ** p<0.01 vs. control.