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Non-metric multidimensional scaling plots (stress = 0.132) performed using middle Ypresian species.

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posted on 23.02.2018 by Gabriela J. Arreguín-Rodríguez, Ellen Thomas, Simon D’haenens, Robert P. Speijer, Laia Alegret

The difference among the middle Ypresian species based on their relative abundance is shown according to coordinates 1–2 (A) and coordinates 2–3 (B). The abundance of the species located outside the 95% confidence ellipse is significantly distinct (higher) in comparison with the species inside the ellipse. Common species are marked with black dots, and abundant/very abundant species are indicated with colored circles. The color of the circle represents the sites where such species are abundant. Color reference: light blue-SE Atlantic sites, dark blue-high latitude Atlantic sites, red-Indian site, grey-NA sites, and purple-seamount site. Abbreviations found in Table 5.