Nomogram of use for risk-targeting in the context of seismic design

posted on 09.05.2019 by John Douglas
Nomogram showing the sensitivity of the ratio lambda_ref/lambda_c to the values of X, beta and k1 within the context of risk-targeted seismic design. The isopleths show two example calculations using this graph by connecting with straight lines choices of lambda_ref/lambda_c and X and reading off the value of k1.


lambda_ref is the mean annual frequency of exceedance of S_a^ref
lambda_c is the mean annual frequency of collapse
X is the probability of collapse
beta is Standard deviation of S_a^c
k1 is the slope of the seismic hazard curve in log-log space
S_a^c is the pseudo-spectral acceleration at collapse
S_a^ref is the pseudo-spectral acceleration corresponding to ref

See Gkimprixis et al. (Comparison of methods to develop risk-targeted seismic design maps, doi: 10.1007/s10518-019-00629-w, 2019) for more details. This figure is Figure 11 of that open-access paper.

This nomogram was produced using Pynomo using Type 10 equations for three values of beta.