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No changes in the emphysematous parameters in Mal−/− mice.

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posted on 2013-10-29, 03:18 authored by Saleela M. Ruwanpura, Louise McLeod, Andrew R. Lilja, Gavin Brooks, Lovisa F. Dousha, Huei J. Seow, Steven Bozinovski, Ross Vlahos, Paul J. Hertzog, Gary P. Anderson, Brendan J. Jenkins

(A) Representative methylene blue stained cross-sections and (B) representative H&E stained cross-sections of lungs from Mal+/+ (+/+) and Mal−/− mice aged 6 months. Scale bars = 100 µm (C) Lung volume per body weight of +/+ and Mal−/− mice (D) Static compliance of 6 month old +/+ and Mal−/− mice was assessed by flexiVent lung function analysis. Data are expressed as mean ± SEM, n = at least 3 mice per genotype. *P<0.05 versus age-matched +/+ mice. (E) Q-PCR expression analyses of Mal was performed on lung cDNA from 6 month old +/+ and Tlr4−/− mice. Expression data are shown from n = 4 per genotype per following normalization for 18S expression, and are presented as mean ± SEM from triplicate analysis. (F) Q-PCR expression analysis of MAL was performed on human lung cDNA from emphysema (Emp) patients (n = 14) or emphysema-free (Ctl) individuals (n = 9). Expression data are shown following normalization for 18S expression, and are presented from triplicate analysis as the mean ± SEM.


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