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New gene discovery plot for pan-genome analysis of 21 Mannheimia haemolytica genomes.

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posted on 29.02.2016, 07:41 by Cassidy L. Klima, Shaun R. Cook, Rahat Zaheer, Chad Laing, Vick P. Gannon, Yong Xu, Jay Rasmussen, Andrew Potter, Steve Hendrick, Trevor W. Alexander, Tim A. McAllister

Bars represent the number of new genes as the function of the number n or strains sequentially added. The curve represents the least-squares fit for the function y = AxB with the best fit obtained with a correlation r2 = 0.875 for A = 566.17 ± 3.16, B = -0.22. The extrapolated number of new genes expected after the number of genomes increases to 100 is 123 new genes.