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Neutrophil infiltration to the liver is attenuated in mice with reduced gut-bacterial load.

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posted on 28.03.2017 by Patrick P. Lowe, Benedek Gyongyosi, Abhishek Satishchandran, Arvin Iracheta-Vellve, Aditya Ambade, Karen Kodys, Donna Catalano, Doyle V. Ward, Gyongyi Szabo

(a-c) Liver expression of neutrophil associated genes E-selectin, Ly6g and Mpo were measured by qPCR and normalized to 18S. (e) MPO immunohistochemical staining to detect neutrophils in the liver parenchyma revealed an increased number of neutrophils/area in alcohol-fed mice compared to pair-feds and reduced gut bacterial load led to fewer infiltrating neutrophils. Interestingly, antibiotics also cause a decreased trend in hepatic neutrophils at baseline in pair-fed mice (quantified in (d)). * p<0.05 by Mann-Whitney test.