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Neuronal injury evaluated at 24 hours after PA.

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posted on 29.05.2020, 17:57 by Gábor Remzső, János Németh, Viktória Varga, Viktória Kovács, Valéria Tóth-Szűki, Kai Kaila, Juha Voipio, Ferenc Domoki

(A) Representative photomicrographs showing injured red neurons at 24-hours of after asphyxia in the CA1 hippocampal region, the putamen, and the thalamus (scale bar: 100μm) (B) Cell counting revealed moderate neuronal damage in these regions (n = 8, mean±SEM). (C) Asphyxia also induced moderate/severe neocortical damage shown by medium/high neuropathology scores (lines, boxes, and whiskers represent the median, the 25th-75th, and the 5th-95th percentiles, respectively).