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Network plots of top hub genes in CAG length-dependent modules and their putative regulator microRNAs.

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posted on 11.01.2018 by Peter Langfelder, Fuying Gao, Nan Wang, David Howland, Seung Kwak, Thomas F. Vogt, Jeffrey S. Aaronson, Jim Rosinski, Giovanni Coppola, Steve Horvath, X. William Yang

Each panel shows the top hub genes in one of the CAG length-dependent modules and microRNAs that are negatively correlated with the module eigengene and whose predicted targets are significantly enriched in the module. Predicted microRNA-target relationships are indicated by turquoise lines while the gene-gene co-expression relationships are indicated by red lines (thicker and wider lines indicate higher Topological Overlap). Only modules and microRNAs from Table 1 are shown whose correlations are less than -0.4; correlations of all mRNA-microRNA pairs shown in this figure are negative.