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Network analysis based on proteome similarity made with vContact2 and visualized with Cytoscape (v3.8.2).

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posted on 2022-04-14, 17:33 authored by Vinícius Marquioni, Fernando Pacheco Nobre Rossi, Deborah Cezar Mendonça, Layla Farage Martins, Franklin Behlau, João Carlos Setubal, Aline Maria da Silva, Maria Teresa Marques Novo-Mansur

LucasX annotated proteome was assigned to a novel viral cluster (cluster VC_312_0). A total of fifty-eight phages from the Myoviridae family were found to be connected to LucasX, as shown in detail, being that only one of them is not a Jumbo phage. LucasX phage is marked in red.