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Neocentromere positions and CENP-A binding domain sizes.

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posted on 2016-09-23, 17:30 authored by Laura S. Burrack, Hannah F. Hutton, Kathleen J. Matter, Shelly Applen Clancey, Ivan Liachko, Alexandra E. Plemmons, Amrita Saha, Erica A. Power, Breanna Turman, Mathuravani Aaditiyaa Thevandavakkam, Ferhat Ay, Maitreya J. Dunham, Judith Berman

A. Schematic of neocentromere positions identified in this work and in Ketel et al. [32]. A pink circle indicates each non-overlapping neocentromere isolated once. Plum colored circles indicate neocentromeres found in more than one transformant. The dark purple square indicates the native centromere location on Chr5. B. CENP-A binding domain size was estimated by anti-CENP-A ChIP followed by hybridization to a tiling microarray or high-throughput sequencing. Start and stop coordinates of centromeres (dark purple) and neocentromeres (pink) were estimated to the nearest 250bp for all samples. C. Box plot of the proportion of the neocentromere genomic regions (pink) located within intergenic regions compared to size-matched random genomic regions (gray). * indicate outliers.