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Negative controls of the immunohistochemistry of anti-Tc-iPTH antibody staining in the central nervous systems and gut in larval (A-D) and pharate adult (E-G) stage.

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posted on 04.05.2020, 17:39 by Jia Xie, Ming Sang, Xiaowen Song, Sisi Zhang, Donghun Kim, Jan A. Veenstra, Yoonseong Park, Bin Li

Preimmune serum was used as the negative controls of Tc-iPTH for immunohistochemistry and did not show any specific staining patterns. (H-O) Immunohistochemistry of Tc-iPTH in the late pupal stage with (H-K) or without (L-O) larval injection of dsRNA. Please note that compared to the IB pupae, the immunoreactivity in the dsiPTH pupae was significantly reduced, but still displayed remaining immunoreactivities for the Tc-iPTH.