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Necrosis and apoptosis, phagocytic activity and cytokines levels in the supernatants from B-1 CDP cultures.

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posted on 2019-09-19, 17:48 authored by Adriano Pereira, Anuska Marcelino Alvares-Saraiva, Fabiana Toshie de Camargo Konno, Diva Denelle Spadacci-Morena, Elizabeth Cristina Perez, Mario Mariano, Maria Anete Lallo

(A) Percentual of death cells, apoptotic cells and necrotic cells in B-1 CDP culture at 48 and 96 h. (B) Phagocytic capacity and phagocytic index in B-1 CDP culture infected with E. cuniculi after 1, 48, and 96 h. (C) Cytokines levels after 1, 48, and 96 h post infection with E. cuniculi. The data are presented as mean ± SEM (*P < 0.05, ** P < 0.01, *** P <0.001, One way ANOVA with Tukey post-test, ND = not detected).