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NO level in Caco-2 cells after L. acidophilus pretreatment and followed by V. cholerae/ S. sonnei.

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posted on 2018-06-06, 17:29 authored by Shabnam Zeighamy Alamdary, Bita Bakhshi, Sara Soudi

NO production after 24h, significantly decreased in comparison with V.cholerae/ S. sonnei infected cells alone. The mean of three independent experiments is shown. The significant differences were notabled when P <0.05. (***P <0.001) significantly different from control cells. ##significantly different of L.a+V.c+Caco-2 from V.c+Caco-2 cells. ††† significantly different of L.a+S.s+Caco-2 from S.s+Caco-2 cells L.a: Lactobacillus acidophilus, V.c: Vibrio cholerae and S.s: Shigella sonnei. ns: none significant.