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Mutations in the CMM2 domain of MOM1 affect transcriptional silencing.

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posted on 2018-08-09, 17:55 authored by Qiu-Yuan Zhao, Xin-Jian He

(A) Silencing of indicated loci was largely restored by the wild-type MOM1-Flag transgene but was only slightly restored by the MOM1-Flag transgene harboring the mutations in the CMM2 domain. Class I loci are only regulated by MOM1, including ROMANIAT5 and TSI; Class II loci are co-regulated by MOM1 and RdDM pathway, including solo LTR and SDC. ACT7 was used as an internal control. Error bars are SD. *P < 0.05 or **P < 0.01 was determined by Student’s t test. (B) Expression levels of the wild-type and mutated MOM1 transgenes in mom1 mutant as determined by western blotting. The transgenic lines were used to determine the effect of the CMM2 mutations on transcriptional silencing. Rubisco stained by Ponceau S was shown as a loading control.