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Multiplex immunofluorescent staining of ovarian tissues in Cohort 2.

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posted on 2021-11-23, 18:25 authored by Daryoush Saeed-Vafa, Douglas C. Marchion, Susan M. McCarthy, Ardeshir Hakam, Alexis Lopez, Robert M. Wenham, Sachin M. Apte, Dung-Tsa Chen, Anthony M. Magliocco, Johnathan M. Lancaster, Brett M. Reid, Jennifer B. Permuth

Representative staining for high-grade ovarian serous adenocarcinoma (top) and benign ovarian tissue (bottom) are provided. Compartmental regions were identified based on DAPI, PanCK, and DAPI staining. Tumor (desmoplastic) stroma regions comprised stromal cells (Vimentin+) with a nucleus (DAPI+), and not epithelial (panCK-).