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Multi step 3D hierarchical segmentation of the volume of interest inside the fascia (VOIIF) exemplified in one 2D axial slice.

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posted on 28.04.2017 by Alexander Mühlberg, Oleg Museyko, Jean-Denis Laredo, Klaus Engelke

Step 1: Connected components of right leg (VOIRC) for G = 1 (a) and G = 3 (b) (G: Grade of muscle appearance, see text). Step 2: Probable muscle voxels within processed left leg (VOILC) (c) and compactification resulting in VOIIFA (d and e) (IFA: Approximation of IF). Step 3: refinement of VOIIFA. Candidate voxels close to FA that may belong to VOIIF (f and g), seed points to select clusters that belong to VOIIF (h), clusters that were not selected stay porous (i) and are removed by morphological smoothing yielding the final result (j). User-dependence is indicated by blue color.