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Morphological changes in renal tubules.

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posted on 2016-06-09, 06:20 authored by Yongjun Zhu, Hongwang Cui, Yunfeng Xia, Hua Gan

(A) Representative images of H&E-stained kidney tissue sections exhibiting tubular dilatation, atrophy, desquamation of epithelial cells and hyaline deposition in the tubular lumen from the SNx rats, Scale bar, 50μm.(B) Tubular damage scores were decreased in rats treated with Nec-1,zVAD, or both Nec-1 and zVAD. (C)The proportion of necrotic dying cells and apoptotic cells. (n = 6 rats per group, **p<0.01 versus the SNx+vehicle group). SNx: subtotal nephrectomy.