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posted on 24.06.2016, 15:43 by Brian WhalleyBrian Whalley
View of glacial features below the west ridge of Koh-i-Shoshgal, Upper Bashgal Valley, eastern Afghanistan taken in August 1975 by W. Brian Whalley (CC-BY-SA). Looking north at approximate (Google Earth) co-ordinates 35º 55’ 35.6”N, 71º 07’ 59.1” E, below viewpoint 4650m asl.  
1 = moraine cover on main (west flowing) debris-covered valley glacier (rock glacier?)
L = glacier dammed lake, drained later in the season and drained on 2012 Google Earth imagery
M = moraines and moraine ridges
(NB the nearest ridge M may be classified as a protalus rampart and impounding the central lake)
P = protalus rampart below screes. (Discrete Debris Accumulation)
Rock (desert) varnish gives dark (red-brown) coloration suggested as being older than Little Ice Age but up to 1500 a BP. Grey colour on main glacier and scree between ridge and lake, assumed to be recent/Little Ice Age.


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