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Model prediction for the effect of ectoATPase activity on ATPe kinetics.

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posted on 29.06.2016, 18:28 by M. Florencia Leal Denis, H. Ariel Alvarez, Natalia Lauri, Cora L. Alvarez, Osvaldo Chara, Pablo J. Schwarzbaum

The effect of ectoATPase activity on ATPe kinetics was evaluated by multiplying kATP, i.e., the parameter estimating ectoATPase activity (see S1 File), by a factor α. The continuous line shows the simulation of the best fit model for ATPe kinetics under MST7 exposure, i.e., α = 1, with kATP = 1.98 10−5 s-1. Predictions (dashed lines) were made for α = 0 (i.e., no ectoATPase activity), 10 or 40. MST7 is added at t = 20 min. Model parameters and their best fitting values are shown in Table A in S1 File.