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Model of HCMV inhibition by emetine.

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posted on 2016-06-23, 07:04 authored by Rupkatha Mukhopadhyay, Sujayita Roy, Rajkumar Venkatadri, Yu-Pin Su, Wenjuan Ye, Elena Barnaeva, Lesley Mathews Griner, Noel Southall, Xin Hu, Amy Q. Wang, Xin Xu, Andrés E. Dulcey, Juan J. Marugan, Marc Ferrer, Ravit Arav-Boger

In high-density infected cells (A) emetine induces (1) nuclear translocation of RPS14 (2) followed by RPS14 binding to MDM2 (3 & 4) resulting in disruption of the interaction between MDM2-p53 (6) and MDM2- viral IE2 (5 & 7), and by RPS14 ubiquitination and degradation (8). In low-density infected cells (B) although emetine induces (1) nuclear translocation of RPS14 (2), it is unable to interact with MDM2 (4) which is already bound to p53 to facilitate virus replication (3).