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Minimal effects of rabbit TGF-β neutralizing antibody on aortic aneurysm.

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posted on 22.04.2016, 06:19 by Xiaofeng Chen, Debra L. Rateri, Deborah A. Howatt, Anju Balakrishnan, Jessica J. Moorleghen, Lisa A. Cassis, Alan Daugherty

(A) Serum TGF-β concentration was measured at termination; N = 9 in control group and n = 9–10 in TGF- β group; *denotes P<0.05 by Mann-Whitney Rank Sum Test. (B) Kaplan-Meier curves of survival. (C) Ascending aortic area and (D) suprarenal aortic diameter were measured at termination. * denotes P< 0.05 by Student’s t-test. For (A), (C) and (D) circles are individual measurements, diamonds are means, and error bars are SEM,. (E) Serum mouse anti-rabbit titers in plasma were measured at termination in mice injected with Rabbit IgG control, TGF-β antibody or vehicle (No Ab Control). Triangles are means and error bars are SEM. * denotes P<0.05, compared to no antibody control by one way ANOVA on Ranks using Student-Newman-Keuls Method.