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Millions of PPE sets required daily nationally (dotted line), ordered daily nationally (bold line) according to the game, and stored in each of the seven regions of NHS England (coloured areas).

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posted on 01.02.2021, 18:24 by Khaled Abedrabboh, Matthias Pilz, Zaid Al-Fagih, Othman S. Al-Fagih, Jean-Christophe Nebel, Luluwah Al-Fagih

Here, stockpiling started on 28 Feb, standard storage capacity was multiplied by five and the peak of the second wave is expected to happen in mid October. Stored PPE sets for each region is stacked on top of each other in order to show the cumulative PPE stock of all regions to illustrate the game mechanism. Note that the areas are scaled down by a factor of five in order to make the figure more readable.