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Mice with long-term chronic Toxoplasma gondii infection show preserved locomotor capacity.

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posted on 05.10.2021, 17:27 by Leda Castaño Barrios, Ana Paula Da Silva Pinheiro, Daniel Gibaldi, Andrea Alice Silva, Patrícia Machado Rodrigues e Silva, Ester Roffê, Helton da Costa Santiago, Ricardo Tostes Gazzinelli, José Roberto Mineo, Neide Maria Silva, Joseli Lannes-Vieira

(A) The gait analysis was performed using the footprint test and were evaluated as such: the spread of the fingers and overlapping distance between the anterior and posterior limbs, right and left, and the stride length of limbs, width of the front and rear base. (B) The toe spread was normal in the right and left limb. (C) |No alteration was observed in the right and left step overlap of infected mice. (D) The forelimb and hindlimb stride were increased as the infection progresses. (E) The width of the front base was enlarged in infected mice, but the hind base was preserved. Each experimental group consisted of 4–6 NI mice and 8–12 T. gondii-infected mice. Each circle represents an individual mouse. Data are expressed as means ± SEM, and were analyzed using ordinary one-way ANOVA. *, p<0,05, **, p<0.01. ***, p<0.001, comparing T. gondii-infected and NI mice.