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MiRNAs more frequently target ubiquitously expressed genes than tissue-restrictively expressed genes

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posted on 31.12.2011, 03:43 authored by Zhenbao Yu, Zhaofeng Jian, Shi-Hsiang Shen, Enrico Purisima, Edwin Wang

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Taken from "Global analysis of microRNA target gene expression reveals that miRNA targets are lower expressed in mature mouse and tissues than in the embryos"

Nucleic Acids Research 2006;35(1):152-164.

Published online 07 Dec 2006


© 2006 The Author(s)

A microarray dataset published by Zhang . (), which contains 21 622 genes including 2276 miRNA targets (), was used in this analysis as described in the ‘Materials and Methods’. The ratio of the miRNA target genes to the total genes expressed in an indicated number of tissues was calculated.


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