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MiR-32 induces the expression of vascular calcification markers.

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posted on 20.03.2017, 18:03 by Jianghua Liu, Xinhua Xiao, Yingying Shen, Ling Chen, Canxin Xu, Heng Zhao, Ying Wu, Qinghai Zhang, Jing Zhong, Zhenwang Tang, Changhui Liu, Qiang Zhao, Yi Zheng, Renxian Cao, Xuyu Zu

A&B, The miR-32 mimics(pre-miR32),negative control of miR-32 mimics (pre-con), miR-32 inhibitors (anti-miR32), or negative control of miR-32 inhibitors (anti-con) were transfected into MVMSCs for 4 days and miR-32 expression level was determined by Q-PCR (A) and Northern Blot (B) (n = 3). C, The effect of miR-32 on the BMP2, Runx2, OPN and MGP mRNA level in MVSMCs were detected by Q-PCR at the time point of 4 days after the transfection of miR-32 mimics and miR-32 inhibitorsin MVMSCs (n = 3). D&E, The effect of miR-32 on ALP activity and calcium content of MVSMCs were also determined at the time point of 4 days after miR-32 mimics transfection(n = 3). Data are shown as mean±SEM of a representative experiment performed in triplicate, *P< 0.05, ** P< 0.01.