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Metal-sensitized caspase-1 knockout female (DTH: Female caspase-1 -/-) mice produce IFN-gamma dominated T-cell responses to implant metal-challenge.

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posted on 2021-05-18, 17:31 authored by Lauryn Samelko, Marco Caicedo, Kyron McAllister, Joshua Jacobs, Nadim James Hallab

Percentage increase of lymphocyte cytokine production of IFN-gamma or IL-17A/F in response to (A) Ni challenge and (B) Co challenge; calculated using cytokine production to metal(s) vs. respective negative control media cell cytokine production from female metal-DTH BL/6 and Caspase-1 -/- mice. Data represents two independent experiments with n = 4–5 mice/group in each experiment. Data are shown as the mean ± SEM. Statistical significance was determined by unpaired Mann-Whitney test.