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Metabolic enzymes modified by phosphorylation and metabolites quantification in trypomastigotes incubated with ECM.

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posted on 2019-02-06, 18:28 authored by Eliciane C. Mattos, Gisele Canuto, Nubia C. Manchola, Rubens D. M. Magalhães, Thomas W. M. Crozier, Douglas J. Lamont, Marina F. M. Tavares, Walter Colli, Michael A. J. Ferguson, Maria Júlia M. Alves

(A) Schematic representation of enzymes from the glycolytic and glycolytic branch modified by phosphorylation (green) or dephosphorylation (red) and metabolites that increase (green) or decrease (red) after trypomastigotes incubation with ECM for 120 min. (B) Relative abundance of metabolites in trypomastigotes (Ty) or trypomastigotes incubated with ECM (MTy). The abundance of the metabolite was normalized by the median and internal standard. The metabolites (a) Glucose/galactose; (b) Pyruvate; (c) Lactate; (d) Succinic acid; (e) Fumaric acid; f. Malic acid) are indicated in the graph. At least five distinct replicates were represented in each of the metabolite quantification. Asterisks indicate the significance of the difference between MTy and Ty samples, according to T- Student Test with p< 0.05.