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Metabolic alterations after MI.

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posted on 2020-05-04, 17:37 authored by Hua Bai, Ke Sun, Jia-Hong Wu, Ze-Hao Zhong, Sen-Lei Xu, Hong-Ru Zhang, Yi-Huang Gu, Sheng-Feng Lu

(a) PCA analysis of MS and MI groups. (b) OPLS-DA score plots for the MS and MI groups. (c) Permutation test (n = 200) using PLS-DA model. (d) Heat-map of selected metabolites. (e) Enrichment analysis of common differential metabolites in MS and MI groups. The ordinate represents the significantly enriched KEGG pathway; the abscissa represents the number of differentially expressed metabolites contained in each KEGG pathway. The label at the right of the bar shows the enrichment factor (richFactor≤1), which represents the ratio of the differentially expressed proteins to all identified proteins involved in one KEGG pathway. MS: mock surgery, MI: myocardial ischemia.