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Membrane morphology of EBST is similar to live ST.

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posted on 16.04.2021, 17:26 authored by Chandni Praveen, Sohini S. Bhatia, Robert C. Alaniz, Robert E. Droleskey, Noah D. Cohen, Palmy R. Jesudhasan, Suresh D. Pillai

Scanning electron microscopic analysis shows presence of intact bacterial cell membrane for (A) Live ST and (B) EBST. (C) HKST appears to be morphologically uneven with shrunken cell membrane. Transmission electron micrographs of (D) live ST (E) EBST and (F) HKST reveals the presence of surface molecules on bacterial cell membrane of both live and EBST. HKST shows a smoothened surface indicative of loss of surface molecules.