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Mean retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) thickness and interocular RNFL thickness difference of the study population (n = 260) before and after correction for ocular cyclotorsion.

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posted on 13.02.2015, 15:39 by Seung Woo Hong, Seung Bum Lee, Dong-hyun Jee, Myung Douk Ahn

A. The mean RNFL thickness before correction for ocular cyclotorsion. B. The mean RNFL thickness after correction for ocular cyclotorsion. C. The mean fractional interocular RNFL thickness difference. D. The mean absolute interocular RNFL thickness difference. E. The mean signed interocular RNFL thickness difference. (In A and B: straight line, right eye; dotted line, left eye. In C, D, and E: straight line, ocular cyclotorsion corrected value; dotted line, original value)(TEMP = Temporal, SUP = Superior, NAS = Nasal, INF = Inferior).