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Mean distance traveled by animals after the administration of crotamine and the voltage-dependent K+ channels blocker 4-AP.

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posted on 2018-08-06, 17:36 authored by Sunamita de Carvalho Lima, Lucas de Carvalho Porta, Álvaro da Costa Lima, Joana D’Arc Campeiro, Ywlliane Meurer, Nathália Bernardes Teixeira, Thiago Duarte, Eduardo Brandt Oliveira, Gisele Picolo, Rosely Oliveira Godinho, Regina Helena Silva, Mirian Akemi Furuie Hayashi

The distance travelled by the animal treated with crotamine and 4-AP was quantified in timeframe periods of 10 min each (A), as well as the total distance travelled during 60 min was detemined (B), and the time of paralysis was also recorded (C). The values were considered significant for p < 0.05 for ANOVA statistical analysis. *, # and a in panels A and B refer to comparisons with control, 4-AP (30 μg/animal, which corresponds to 1.2 mg/kg BW) and crotamine (7.5 μg/animal or 0.3 mg/kg BW), respectively, while b refers to comparisons with animals receiving only crotamine.