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Mean antibiotic resistance in conventional raw meat SA isolates for eight common antibiotics.

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posted on 10.12.2018, 18:28 by Kyler J. Haskell, Samuel R. Schriever, Kenisi D. Fonoimoana, Benjamin Haws, Bryan B. Hair, Trevor M. Wienclaw, Joseph G. Holmstead, Andrew B. Barboza, Erik T. Berges, Matthew J. Heaton, Bradford K. Berges

Disk diffusion tests were performed to determine the amount of antibiotic required to prevent growth of the various SA raw meat isolates. There was only a single SA isolate from beef, and thus no results are reported here for that meat type. Means were calculated and standard error is indicated. Antibiotic concentrations used and significance of zone diameters are detailed in Methods. A two sample t-test with unequal variance test was used to determine if there were significant differences in rates of antibiotic resistance or susceptibility amongst the various meat types.