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MeV-2 and MeV3 are present in M. euphorbiae WU11 population and is vertically transmitted to progeny.

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posted on 29.03.2018, 17:35 by Marcella A. Teixeira, Noa Sela, Hagop S. Atamian, Ergude Bao, Ritu Chaudhary, Jacob MacWilliams, Jiangman He, Sophie Mantelin, Thomas Girke, Isgouhi Kaloshian

Aphid nucleic acids were used in RT-PCR for MeV-2 and MeV-3 detection. For evaluation of vertical transmission, first instar nymphs were collected while being laid from adult aphids, before touching tomato leaflets, using a brush and transferred to a naïve tomato plant. One week later, when nymphs had molted into adults, single aphids were processed for the presence of MeV-2 and MeV-3. Aphid ribosomal gene RpL27 was used as positive control. M = molecular weight marker.