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Maximum likelihood phylogeny (PhyML) of unc-29 codon sequence from clade III and clade V nematodes.

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posted on 14.07.2016 by Thomas B. Duguet, Claude L. Charvet, Sean G. Forrester, Claudia M. Wever, Joseph A. Dent, Cedric Neveu, Robin N. Beech

Standard nomenclature indicates the species. Asu: A. suum, Tzc: T. callipaeda, Bma: B. malayi, Llo: L. loa, Dim: D. immitis, Ovo: O. volvulus, Lsi: L. sigmodontis, Avi: A. viteae, Cjp: C. japonica, Cel: C. elegans, Cre, C. remanei, Ctr, C. tropicalis, Cbr, C. briggsae, Pex: P. exspectatus, Ppa: P. pacificus, Hco: H. contortus, Tci: T. circumcincta, Tco: T. colubriformis, Acs: A. costaricensis, Dvi: D. viviparus, Ode: O. dentatum, Aca: A. caninum, Ace: A. ceylenicum, Nbr: N. brasiliensis. Reliable nodes with SH support of more than 0.9 are indicated by a white circle. Nodes corresponding to inferred duplication events are indicated by a yellow circle. doi:10.1016/, 10.1093/sysbio/syq010