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Maximum likelihood estimation for CPM simulations with a hitting threshold time.

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posted on 2020-07-13, 17:31 authored by Richard J. Beck, Dario I. Bijker, Joost B. Beltman

A-B) Heatmaps of the likelihood function around the maximum likelihood estimates for the killing parameters η and λ, in CPM simulations under various conditions. In A, results are shown for various η values (rows) and for both high-motility (left colum) and low-motility (right column) conditions for simulations with 15 minute hitting delay. In B, results are shown for high motility CTLs at all tested values of the delay (in range 0–15 minutes, across columns). The horizontal and vertical lines in A-B mark the values of the CPM parameters used to generate the data for each group and the boundary enclosing the 95% confidence region is marked with a thin blue line.