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Marsupialization for the treatment of nictitating membrane cyst in a dog: case report

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posted on 2021-03-24, 08:16 authored by T.B. Lima, T.B. Martins, D.C. Gomes Junior, R.A. Silva, D.M.F. Sousa

ABSTRACT This study aims to describe the first Brazilian report of a nictitating membrane cyst’s surgical treatment in a dog. A 6-month-old female French Bulldog presented at HOSVET-UNIME with a reddish mass-like structure in the medial canthus of both eyes, with a history of recurrent third eyelid gland prolapse previously treated with two surgeries performed at another clinic. Physical examination revealed a third eyelid gland prolapse in the right eye and a cyst in the left eye’s third eyelid. The animal was submitted to surgical correction of the right eye’s third eyelid prolapse using pocket technique and of the left eye’s third eyelid using marsupialization technique for the cyst’s treatment. 180 days after th1e surgical procedure no recurrence was observed. The marsupialization technique for the treatment of a third eyelid’s lacrimal cyst in a dog allowed the maintenance of its gland and prevented the formation of a new cystic cavity.


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