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Mapped probability of occurrence predictions for ponderosa pine haplotypes.

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posted on 2016-03-17, 00:00 authored by Douglas J. Shinneman, Robert E. Means, Kevin M. Potter, Valerie D. Hipkins

Probability of occurrence predictions derived from the NPMR models listed in Table 2 for each haplotype. Probability values are color-categorized using 10 equal-interval bins, with maximum probability values for each haplotype provided in the lower left of each map. Haplotypes 9 and 10 were not mapped due to small sample sizes and low LogB values. Point locations of sampled ponderosa pine haplotypes are shown in smaller maps. Generalized (green outline) [3] and recently classified (gray shading) [44] distributions of ponderosa pine are shown for context in each map.