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Map of the sites analysed in this study relative to precipitation regime and vegetation distribution.

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posted on 06.07.2016, 17:26 by Patrick Roberts, Christopher S. Henshilwood, Karen L. van Niekerk, Petro Keene, Andrew Gledhill, Jerome Reynard, Shaw Badenhorst, Julia Lee-Thorp

A) The position of sites discussed in this paper (1 = BBC, 2 = KDS, 3 = Nelson’s Bay Cave, 4 = Pinnacle Point) relative to the winter (to the left of the red line), year-round (between the red and orange lines), and summer rainfall (to the right of the orange line) zones of the modern southern Cape coast of South Africa on a map of % C3/C4 plant species abundances (adapted from Vogel et al. [22]). B) A close-up view of the coastline proximate to BBC and KDS.