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Map of clusters and distribution of patients.

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posted on 2016-09-09, 17:30 authored by Cristóbal Esteban, Inmaculada Arostegui, Myriam Aburto, Javier Moraza, José M. Quintana, Amaia García-Loizaga, Luis V. Basualdo, Amaia Aramburu, Susana Aizpiri, Ane Uranga, Alberto Capelastegui

Map created by the first and second components derived from the MCA is shown at the center. Four circles at the sides show how patients move between clusters after one year of follow-up. Relative positions of the subjects in the planes are represented by different colors, depending on the subtype provided by the cluster analysis. Definition of the axes is suggested based on information provided in appendix Table A1. The horizontal axis, first component, can be defined as an index of the respiratory conditions of the patient, milder (left side) vs. more severe (right side). The vertical axis, second component, can be defined as an index of the systemic status, worse (bottom) vs. better (top).