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Malaria prevalence five years after MDA (box plots summarize 100 simulations each) with baseline PfPR2-10 = 1% and importation of 580Y alleles set at 0.1 cases/day.

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posted on 2023-07-26, 17:26 authored by Tran Dang Nguyen, Thu Nguyen-Anh Tran, Daniel M. Parker, Nicholas J. White, Maciej F. Boni

The numbers printed below each plot indicate the number of simulations that reached fewer than 100 malaria cases present in the population (i.e. almost all are imports), which is a proxy for the number of simulations that achieved elimination. Numbers of rounds of MDA are shown by different colors, and four levels of improved treatment access are considered on the x-axis (65% coverage post-MDA to 80% coverage post-MDA). Improved treatment coverage post-MDA increases the chances of local elimination.