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Magnitude of CD8+ T-cell responses post immunization.

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posted on 2017-07-21, 17:41 authored by Wendy G. Tan, Iryna Zubkova, Alla Kachko, Frances Wells, Heiko Adler, Gerd Sutter, Marian E. Major

(A) HCV-NS3 pentamer positive (Pent+) CD8+ T-cells present in the blood of mice after priming with 100μg of plasmid DNA containing the full length HCV-NS3/4A gene insert at D10 (n = 39) and D75 (n = 3) post DNA immunization. Horizontal bars represent the mean frequency in each group (B) Representative flow plots of CD44+/Pent+ cells isolated from the blood of DNA immunized mice at D10 and D75 Black numbers on the plots are percentages positive for CD44 and pentamer after gating on CD8+ and CD3+ cells. (C) Numbers of Pent+ CD8+ T-cells accumulated in both lymphoid and non-lymphoid tissues of immunized mice at D75 post DNA-NS3/4A prime. PBMCs were enumerated based on per million cells. n = 3 mice per group.