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MOESM8 of Innate immune defects in HIV permissive cell lines

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posted on 27.06.2016 by Antonio Rausell, Miguel MuĂąoz, Raquel Martinez, Thierry Roger, Amalio Telenti, Angela Ciuffi
Additional file 8: Figure 6. Interferon (IFN) gamma signaling pathway. Representation of the IFN gamma signaling pathway taken from WikiPathways database [41]. Boxes representing genes display the transcriptional levels detected in RNA-seq libraries of resting CD4+ T cells, and the four human laboratory cell lines HEK293T, Jurkat, SupT1 and CEM -mock (MO), heat-inactivated (HI) and HIV-infected (HIV)- and 4 samples corresponding to Activated CD4+ T cells at 8h and 24h after TCR activation, following the same order of the libraries and color-code scale of expression levels as indicated in Figure 3A. The figure was generated using Pathvisio-3 software [42].


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