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Additional file 7 of To what extent do mesophotic coral ecosystems and shallow reefs share species of conservation interest? A systematic review

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posted on 12.02.2020 by Jack Laverick, Shanice Piango, Dominic Andradi-Brown, Dan Exton, Pim Bongaerts, Tom Bridge, Michael Lesser, Richard Pyle, Marc Slattery, Daniel Wagner, Alex Rogers
Additional file 7. Forest plot. The effect sizes of depth as log odds ratios of the total shallow species pool compared to shallow species present deeper than 30 m, of the 52 included studies are displayed. Studies are in the same order as in Additional file 3. Dots indicate the effect size estimate and are scaled to the number of species observed within each study. The black lines extend from the lower to upper 95% confidence limit of each study estimate. Orange lines are for reference to help interpretation. The dashed line at 0 indicates the effect size of studies finding 50% community overlap. The solid lines indicate the effect size of the largest study reporting 0% overlap (negative effect size) and 100% (positive effect size). Note that due to the scaling of effect sizes the confidence intervals become asymmetrical when back transformed to proportions (Fig. 4).


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