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MOESM4 of MALDI-TOF peptidomic analysis of serum and post-prostatic massage urine specimens to identify prostate cancer biomarkers

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posted on 2018-07-25, 05:00 authored by Andrea Padoan, Daniela Basso, Carlo-Federico Zambon, Tommaso Prayer-Galetti, Giorgio Arrigoni, Dania Bozzato, Stefania Moz, Filiberto Zattoni, Rino Bellocco, Mario Plebani
Additional file 4: Figure S1. The results of ICC estimation obtained by (a) varying the measurement error amount (x-axis of each graph); (b) by considering different strategies for handling limit of detection (LOD) issues; c) by considering three different LOD scenarios (12.5 %, 25% and 50% of values below LOD). The different strategies for handling LOD issues evaluated were: (1) sub W < LOD by E(W|W < LOD) = Richardson and Ciampi’s method; (2) sub W < LOD by E(W|W > LOD) = Schisterman’s method; (3) sub W < LOD by Zero and 4) sub W < LOD by LOD/2 (see Supplementary materials and methods for further details).