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MOESM3 of Overexpression of OsPUB41, a Rice E3 ubiquitin ligase induced by cell wall degrading enzymes, enhances immune responses in Rice and Arabidopsis

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posted on 30.11.2019, 04:55 by Neha Kachewar, Vishal Gupta, Ashish Ranjan, Hitendra Patel, Ramesh Sonti
Additional file 3: Fig. S1. Domain organization of OsPUB41 and Multiple Sequence Alignment with other plant E3 ubiquitin ligases depicting the conserved residues. InterPro [14] analysis revealed that OsPUB41 protein has an N-terminal U-box domain and an armadillo type fold (A). BLAST search for OsPUB41 (LOC_Os03g13740) revealed a list of homologous proteins from various plant species. Ten different plant U-box domain containing proteins (PUBs) from different species from this list (first ten) were chosen for multiple sequence alignment (MSA). T-coffee tool from NCBI was used for generating the MSA (B). Homologous sequences with at least 40% identity were used for MSA. MSA file was edited using ESPript tool [60]. Red and yellow colours represent invariant and conserved amino acids respectively. Black boxes represent SDM mutations: C40A and V51R.


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