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MOESM1 of In vivo MRI assessment of bioactive magnetic iron oxide/human serum albumin nanoparticle delivery into the posterior segment of the eye in a rat model of retinal degeneration

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posted on 10.01.2019 by Adi Tzameret, Hadas Ketter-Katz, Victoria Edelshtain, Ifat Sher, Enav Corem-Salkmon, Itay Levy, David Last, David Guez, Yael Mardor, Shlomo Margel, Ygal Rotenstrich
Additional file 1: Figure S1. MRI detection of injected IO/HSA NPs. Rats received a 5 ¾l suprachoroidal injection of IO/HSA NPs. Rats #2 and #3 were injected in the right (RE) and left (LE) eyes, as indicated on the left. Rats #1, #4 and #5 were injected only in the right eye (RE) and the left eye and was not injected, as marked. MRI was performed at indicated time points following NP injection. Red arrows highlight the hypointense areas on the T2* sequence at the back of the eye in the injected eyes. In some cases two scans are presented for each rat to demonstrate both eyes. h hours, W weeks.


Kamin Yeda, Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade