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MOESM1 of EF-hand domain containing 2 (Efhc2) is crucial for distal segmentation of pronephros in zebrafish

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posted on 2018-10-16, 05:00 authored by Praveen Barrodia, Chinmoy Patra, Rajeeb Swain
Additional file 1: Figure S1. efhc2-Mo inhibits pre-mRNA splicing. (A) Schematic representation of zebrafish efhc2 exon/intron organization, the target site of the splice-blocking efhc2 morpholino (efhc2-Mo) and the forward and reverse primers used in RT-PCR for amplification of efhc2. (B) cDNA was prepared from embryos injected with efhc2-Mo and efhc2-MM, PCR amplified, cloned into pCR Blunt II Topo vector (Invitrogen) and sequenced using SP6 and T7 primers. Sequencing shows that injection of efhc2-Mo leads to deletion of exon-2 and exon-3 of efhc2.


Department of Biotechnology , Ministry of Science and Technology