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Luminescence of E. coli MG1655 pColD-lux cells after BBH addition depending on incubation time.

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posted on 2020-08-21, 17:37 authored by A. Kessenikh, E. Gnuchikh, S. Bazhenov, M. Bermeshev, V. Pevgov, V. Samoilov, S. Shorunov, A. Maksimov, L. Yaguzhinsky, I. Manukhov

c-E. coli MG1655 pColD-lux control cells without toxicant addition, mit c—mitomycin C is added to the final concentration of 10 μM. BBH-1—BBH added is to final concentration of 100 g/l, BBH-2–10 g/l, BBH-3–1 g/l.