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Location of lymphedema among participants with one affected and one unaffected limb.

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posted on 2019-10-04, 17:30 authored by Celia Zhou, Channa Yahathugoda, Lalindi De Silva, Upeksha Rathnapala, Grant Owen, Mirani Weerasooriya, Ramakrishna U. Rao, Gary J. Weil, Philip J. Budge

Panels on the left indicate the mean limb circumference of affected limbs (black squares) and unaffected (stage 0) limbs (gray circles) for the group of patients with unilateral lymphedema of the stage indicated. The difference between the circumferences of the affected limb minus the circumferences of the unaffected limb (stage 0) is shown in the right hand panels, Panel titles indicate the number of analyzed limbs in parentheses.