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Localization microscopy images of a SkBr3 cells.

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posted on 2018-01-18, 09:15 authored by Georg Hildenbrand, Philipp Metzler, Götz Pilarczyk, Vladimir Bobu, Wilhelm Kriz, Hiltraud Hosser, Jens Fleckenstein, Matthias Krufczik, Felix Bestvater, Frederik Wenz, Michael Hausmann

Illumination at 561 nm transfected with 8 μl SmartFlare solution after 18 h incubation time with the characteristic ring like shape (A-C). Wide-field overview (A) and localization microscopy image (B) with points representing the loci of blinking events. Merged image (C) of wide-field overview (red) and detected GNP signals (yellow) of the pointillist localization microscopy image. Localization microscopy image of a cell treated by unmodified GNP for comparison (D). The scale bars equal 20 μm each.